Hot Desi wife becomes a Prostitute

Guptaji then came from behind and unhooked rittus bra.Rittu was feeling akward at this situation as she thought it was getting to far without knowing that I have bought guptaji to fuck her but then I told her to strip further as my cock s also became very hard.Rittu now took off her panties and she was now nude with her clean shaven pussy and she was standing on the table nude only with her heels on..She was still dancing as if trying to convince guptaji with her performance for film roles..But then guptaji came in front of rittu and started tingling her pussy with his tongue.

Rittu then again started looking at me and then I came near rittu and told her to fully cooperate with guptaji but then rittu came down from the table and said that the show is over.This made guptaji very angry and and then with both her hands he picked rittu and threw her near the bed and then he started taking off his clothes

Rittu again got up and said she would scream and she was looking at me angrily as I was doing nothing to help her.I then went to rittu and told her the whole truth as it was my fantasy to see her fucked like a prostitute and that I had accepted 50000 from guptaji.

Guptaji could still not figure out that rittu was my wife and he was desperate to fuck rittu.Rittu then looked at me and asked me to hand her that money and I gave her the packet.She then stood up and with great style she opened her purse and shoved that packet in that purse.She now told me to sit down on one corner and then she came near guptaji and gave her a deep kiss.She started sucking guptji tongue and taking all his saliva in her mouth.Guptaji could not believe that he is getting such a service.

Rittu now started taking off guptas clothes and when she took off his pants it was a very huge monster cock dangled toward her.Rittu could not believe that a person of her father age had such a huge cock.She took that cock in her hands and started stroking it with her hands.She then spitted on that cock and gave me a wicked smile she took that huge cock in her mouth.I could not believe that rittu would do such a thing and then rittu whispered something in guptaji ears and both started laughing at me.

Guptaji now caught rittu by her hair and both started kissing each other.Gupt was now sqeezing my wifes boobs and her hard nipples were fully erect and then gupta started sucking her nipples.Rittu willing gave both her boobs to be sucked by that old man while she was stroking his cock with her hands.Then both of them lied down in 69 position while gupta was thusting his tounge in my wifes pussy and rittu started sucking his huge cock.Rittu now called me by her side and told me to light a cigarette for her.I lit a cigarette for her and she started smoking while also sucking gupta cock like a true whore.They both lied in that position for one hr and I was mastuburating in front of them.

Gupta now wanted to go to loo for piss but then rittu asked him to piss in her mouth.Gupta took his position standing on the bed while rittu bought her mouth near her dick .Gupta was finding it difficult to piss as his cock was fully erect but then rittu told her to relax and then suddenly guptaji started pissing in rittu mouth.Rittu took all that piss in her mouth while she was also looking at me.I could not believe rittu could do such kind of things but there was more to come and now rittu told guptji to lie on the bed and then she bought her chut near gupta dick and she started pissing on her hard dick.Gupta was very excited to get warm piss from rittu on his dick and while she was pissing she inserted her chut on his huge monster cock.Rittu moaned in pleasure in taking such a huge monster cock and then her chut lips had adjusted to guptaji cock.She now started spitting in guptas mouth while gupta was fucking her vigorously.

Gupta was now abusing rittu calling her the most beautifull randi and this was giving me a more hardon.After 30 mins gupta cummed inside my wife pussy giving her all the pleasure and then they lied in the bed and dozed off to sleep.

Even I dozed off to sleep and when I got up I heard voices from the bathroom and gupta was fucking my wife in the tub.They both came out the bathroom and gupta thanked me for all this and said that I have a wonderful wife and I beilve rittu had told that I am her husband..He dressed up and handed over another 5000 to rittu as tip and left the room.Rittu had never seen this kind of money as all my earned monwy went over to fucking prostitutes.

And on seeing all the bundled notes she was becoming very excited.

It was now 7 o clock and we decided to leave but then Dilawer knocked at the door and when I opened the door he came directly inside the room and rittu was covered with white sheet.He gave a smile to me and stared directly talking to rittu and when I objected rittu told me to keep quite and then he had another proposal for rittu as there was client who wanted to fuck her for whole night. And he would pay 50000.I clearly said no but then rittu told dilawer to wait outside as she would get ready and come.

Amd then rittu got dressed up amd went with dilawer to the clients room.I had no other option but to wait for rittu and I kept on drinking.It was now 1 o clock in the night and I thought I should vist that client and asked about rittu.when I knocked at the door and I was shocked to see dilawer opening the door standing nude in front of me and when I entered the room I saw rittu lying nude on the bed.I asked rittu what is this that she has come to so low being fucked by a waiter.

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