Hot Desi wife becomes a Prostitute

Rittu then told me that the client left early only fucking her with one shot as he got the call from his wife and then he called dilawer and told him that he is paying full money to rittu and then dilawer wanted something in return from my wife but when she objected to this Dilawaer told the whole truth about me that how I used to bring prostitute to this resort and fuck them and even fuck some very cheap whores and that’s why she allowed dilawer to fuck her as she wanted to take all revenge from me and then I could do nothing rather watch dilawer and ritttu fucking all night.

Dilawer now told me to wait in my room and closed the door on me and he fucked rittu all night with every position he can think off….rittu came in the morning to my room with all the bites in her body and I guessed dilawer might had fucked her like wild animal.Even rittu could not walk properly as she told me that dilawer had fucked her in her ass.I now told rittu to leave for our home but she told me that dilawer had booked her for full one week in this resort to be fucked by different clients and that I should leave and go home.

I left Rittu and reached home to take care of my daughter while rittu was enjoying her new role of a high class prostitute.After a week rittu came home for one day only and handed me some money and again she left with dilawer to Goa for a month and soon I came to know that rittu had become the most sought after whore in town as she used to give all the service any man can think off and she even used to do lesbian with other prostitutes for clients.

Rittu even became pregnant with dilawer child and gave birth to a baby boy and even after giving birth to the child she started her prostitute services with clients even drinking milk from her boobs.

I got married to a girl named muskan and started to live a sober life with her and our child forgetting all about my past history.

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