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Now happy told raminder to take his dick out and he started insering his cock in my wifes chut.Rittus chut happily accepcted happys lund and he started pumpimg her hard. Raminder was now applying oil on my wife ass and to make it wider he inserted 2 fingers in her ass and rittu told reminder to fuck her virgin ass.

Raminder then insterted the top of his cock in my wife ass and and harder and harder he teared my wifes ass and soon both of them were double penetrating my wife.Rittu now were fucking both of them harder and harder and soon both of withdrew their cocks and and changed thir respective positions.

Rittu now were giving a good fuck to both my friends and I kept looking on while I was also stroking my cock. Now rittu told raminder that she would take both their cocks togther in her pussy and then making raminder and happy lie opposite each other and their cock together she inserted both the cocks in her chut and my wat a scence of a professional whore it was she pumped both the cocks together and then both happy and raminderr came together loading their sperms in my wife chut.

Alll three of them became dead tried and dozed off to sleep and while I went to bar and started drinking again and mastubarted thrice andd then even I dozed off to sleep and in the morning when I got up I heard voices from bathroom and I saw happy was lying on the bed while raminder and rittu were fucking each other in the bathroom.

I got dressed up and went out off the house all the way thinking that rittu now would be fucked whole day and in the evening when I came home I saw rittu dressed in nighty and she could not make eye to eye contact with me and she could not even walk properly as whole night and day she was fucked in her chut and ass.

I then shouted at her angrily and told that I know everything what she did last night and she also screamed at me and told that raminder has told her about my past activites and she is ready to leave the house and rather become reminders whore.I caught hold off rittu and stated kissing her and even she responded and we had a great sex all night.

Rittu now gave me a proposal the she would like to become a prostitute and make money and I accepted her proposal and now she would visit different 5 star hotels and get fucked by her clients for whole night and raminder me and happy would drink and fuck other prostitutes in my flat and we also used to fuck rittu all together if no other prostitute was available or she would make available other prostitutes for us.

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