Husband sets up Wife for sharing

As the head of his hard cock pushed against my lips and slowly pushed deeper inside me I was in heaven. He was vocal too (which I LOVE)…he said all the right dirty things at all the right times and made me moan and scream in response. After we made our way through a few positions he came and I was still flying high on the rush of how that had progressed so quickly and smoothly. In a bit of a haze I got dressed, as did he, and we headed to the living room.

He headed out and drove away in car and I grabbed the wine and the phone to let my husband know that he was gone. After checking in with my husband and knowing he was happy and on his way home I dialed my BFF and got to gabbing about anything but what had just went down.It was a great distraction and kept my mind occupied so it would all still be fresh when my husband got home so I could tell him the details. So there I sat freshly fucked, smiling, in my bed of twisted sheets as I waited for my hubby to get home and reclaim me…and he did several times and it was fucking amazing!

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